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Take these simple steps to build a brand online and elevate your business (and make money)


Building a brand is the same as building your own house, for example. Can you build a house without a clear and precise plan at your hands? Of course, you can’t, no one can. Otherwise, the final result will be a huge mess, if there is ANY result in the first place.

Look! Let’s be clear, Building your own brand is far more complicated than a cool logo or a rocking advertisement. You need more than that!

Most business owners believe that when you decide to build a brand online, it is generally best to do so through professional brand strategists and marketers. If you want to save yourself the time, efforts, and maybe huge disappointments and losses, then leave it for us. We help you design your website, get your message clear and right, and build your online presence and maybe even dominate your industry, why not. Check our services here if you want to leave it to the experts, or for now, you can keep reading if you still want to build your brand online on your own.

What is the plan I need to have to build my brand online, and what are the tools and materials needed? 

This blog post is devoted to answering these two questions to help you build your brand online to elevate your business and enjoy the revenue you have always dreamt of.

Let’s start with the plan first. Your plan needs to have the following elements:

  1. Study your niche, industry, and competitors if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Create a clear mission and vision
  3. Design a clear Brand Voice and Tone guide
  4. Set up your website with a clear message.

Okay, so now WHY on earth you would need a mission, vision, and a clear BVT guide? Picture this with me, you are a sailor in the sea and there is an island that you want to reach, a destination. In the sea world, a sailor will need a map, compass, and other tools to keep his ship going in the desired path. In the marketing world, your map and compass will be a clear mission(what, how, why), vision (your destination, where you want your brand and the world to be in the future), and a brand Voice and tone guide (a detailed mission and vision along with other crucial elements) Click here if you want to know how to create your own Brand Voice and Tone Guidelines.

The importance of these three elements is that they give you a consistent voice, goals, and speech. The more you translate your mission and vision in everything you do, and stick to your guidelines, the more it will be easier for your brand to cut through the noise and reach your customers. Consistency creates authenticity, and this is what matters most to customers nowadays. To see, and hear your authenticity through any platform or channel you use to reach them.

Wherever, and whenever there is a deviation in your plan execution, your mission, vision, and BVT guidelines will help your brand navigate safely and in the right way back again.

Now, we come to the fourth step in your plan.

Set up your website with a clear message. 

A beautiful and appealing website isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. In order to get the best out of your website, you need to make it work as a salesperson who is welcoming your online visitors with a big smile on his face 24/7. What does that mean?

Relax, I will explain. I know what I said above is technically impossible, but still doable, to some extent.

So, your website needs to have a good design and should be easily navigated, but most of all it should be in-line with your brand’s style, voice, and tone. Imagery, typography, color, etc. should all well-represent your brand’s soul and energy. So be wise when it comes to that, and make sure to communicate how you want your customers to see and perceive your brand with your web designer in the very beginning.

We come now to the unique and compelling content of your website – clear message 

Your website design and content go hand in hand. So every inch and every word should embody your brand’s identity and show your customers, who you are, what solutions do you have to offer so they can solve their problems, and what do they need to do to buy from you.  

Also, every line you write should urge your reader to read the next line and so on until they finish reading your whole message. This needs writing skills along with sharp knowledge of your expertise. Read here if you want to know how we can help you write your content professionally to convert your readers into buyers and customers.

We come now to the second question you’ve asked at the beginning. You have the pillars built, the plan is ready, but you still need some tools to expose and tell your customers about you. Your brand doesn’t exist, unless your customers know about it. Remember this.

Embrace social media 

Social media power in spreading news is undeniable. Same if used in marketing and reaching your targeted audience. You will be amazed and surprised at how effective it is, and FREE.

Golden tip: know what’s the most appealing social media platform to your targeted audience and then start using it strategically.

Golden tip #2: Keep it relevant to your customers always. You are creating a fan base, so speak their language and think like them. So, when you are posting try to use words they say, or initiate topics they are interested in. This will assure you engagement and interaction.

So, if I am to summarize what you need to do to build your brand online, I would say: Create your pillars first; Mission, Vision, and Brand Voice and Tone guidelines. These are like documents and references you refer to when you want to take the next step so you don’t get lost and ruin everything. Then set up your website and your messaging to deliver the main information about you and your business in a unique and compelling way. And the last step would be to use social media to interact with your customers and engage with them.

How to build a brand online

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