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5 free actionable tips on how to promote your website online and get more traffic


  1. SEO
  2. Blogging
  3. Guest blogging
  4. Social media
  5. Consistent messaging

I can guess that you are looking for some free tips to promote your website for free and I am sure you have visited many other articles but you’re still lost in the desert of the internet. I feel you. The struggle is real. But guess what, this struggle will end right here and right now.

First, let’s agree on one thing. nothing happens overnight. We aren’t gambling here, however, it shouldn’t be a pain in the back as well or a journey that never ends, a journey with no final destination. So, just be ready to shake your body a little bit and start making some enjoyable efforts.

Yeah, it is frustrating having a great website that nobody knows about. You put too much effort, time, and money, and then all that you got is a flood of no visitors. So, what you should do to avoid such disappointment. 

SEO. Search Engine Optimization


In the land of SEO what matters most are your keywords. How? Even before you launch your website you have to precisely and neatly choose your words. Based on what? Based on two free simple steps:

  1. Search the keywords that your competitors rank for and use them. Make a list and see what are the words used by each website that ranks on the first page of your Google search results as well. Now you have an overview of what direction your content should and must take- If you want to rank higher like these websites.
  2. Study your niche. Meaning, your market, and your customers. What are the words used by your customers in the google search to find products or services like yours? Put yourself in the shoes of your niche. Once your search is done focus on these words and try to use them wisely but definitely not excessively. Google’s algorithms are smart, you can’t fool them. But you can be smarter.

Of course, there are some paid methods and tools but I know you still can’t risk spending money now especially if you are a start-up. Otherwise, you won’t be reading this article right now. We got you. 



While executing this step, please make sure to remember the keywords you have collected in the first step. So, blogging is the second thing you have to do in order to promote your website online. This isn’t like writing your journal online, nope. This is a tactic that should be well thought of and well performed. In two simple steps, you can perfectly transform boring blogging into something extremely beneficial to your business.

  1. Bring that list of keywords and keep it next to you, so you can check it whenever is needed. And make another little research to know what your market-customers are talking about. Topics, forums, questions, concerns, tips, and tricks, anything that interests them should be on your blogging list.
  2. Start writing your blogs using your customers’ voices. Meaning, use their questions, and write answers to them. Use their concerns and give them free tips and tricks that help and so on. Always present your blog as the guide that will help them solve their problems and make their life better.

P.S. Stay consistent. In order for the above steps to work you need to produce content regularly and continuously.

Guest blogging


Now, you can take your blogging game a level higher. You not only are going to talk to your customer but you are going to bring other people- known people- to talk with you. Known people with their own customers and loyal friends- customers.

This step is easy because it is a win-win situation. You give a little exposure to your guest and you yourself get the exposure you need and therefore both you and your guest’s network get expanded. That’s free promotion for both of you. 

Social Media


No one can deny the power that social media has. According to statista, 3,6 billion people are using social media worldwide. If there is a pool you need to swim and dive in, it is then the swimming pool of social media. Facebook is your first place to go, create groups and pages, and start growing them by adding and posting interesting content. Instagram also is one of the most important platforms in marketing, and both of them are FREE. Just be strategic and aware of what’s going on in your market and start your work.

Consistent Messaging


What do we mean by consistent messaging? No, it isn’t choosing one topic and keeping yourself limited but it is having a clear vision and mission. Once these are settled down, whatever that comes after will be performed according to these two pillars. Why is this important? Answer: this is crucial to stick in your prospects’ minds. Telling your customer over and over again- in different ways and through different platforms- will help your business remain vivid in their minds and this will increase your chance of first being remembered, and second of making more business.

So, what you have to do now is to choose your channels/platforms, identify your market and customers’ needs, keywords and talks, create your messaging and articulate your voice based on these and stay consistent.

Try these and tell us what are the results and whether these tips worked for you or not.

How to promote your website for FREE

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