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4 strategies to effectively create your brand awareness in 2020


How to put your brand on the map and into your clients’ mind’s when they are on their buying journey. If you have been in the marketing industry for just five seconds, I bet you have already figured out that the most difficult part for entrepreneurs and new business owners is to build and grow their brand awareness. And since we have been there before and we know how to play this game, we will share with you our strategy to effectively grow and expose your brand for FREE. No need for software or any expensive tools.

Let me first tell you about the one step you need to take before you start raising awareness of your brand. You need to have a clear Vision– where you want to arrive, Mission– what does your brand do in order to realise your vision and a Clear Why. These three elements reflect your own awareness of your own brand. If you can’t speak your own language, then don’t expect your customer to.

Note: these strategies will work 10x more if you are consistent and regular. 

Four strategies to follow if you want to create your brand presence:

  • Find your customers and engage with them.  
  • Give your brand a personality and identity. Be as human as you could be.  
  • Share high-value content through social media channels 
  • Sharing is caring. Share free stuff with your customers and show them that you care. This will help you encourage your customers to talk about their happy experience with you. 

Okay, we go right from the start. Before you even start worrying about introducing your brand and getting it the right exposure, let’s worry first about where is the right place to execute our marketing strategy and plans of building that awareness.

1. As mentioned, find your customers and engage with them.


Warning: This does NOT mean that you have to know where your customers live and go pay them a visit- though if you need to then go ahead and do it- But it means that you need to know what online platforms they’re using and what topics they’re talking about, what problems they are facing and even what are their interests and preferences. Just try to know your targeted audience well before you start anything. For example: if you are targeting people between 18-30 you’re most likely to find them on Facebook, Instagram, and the new star, TikTok. So, creating a place on one of these platforms or all of them and starting sharing information about your brand would help you greatly. Why is this important? Picture this, you’re in Australia and you’re a business owner who produces products that are often bought by Americans for example. So, you go ahead and start promoting your brand to Australians hoping that one of them will be interested in your brand. What do you think the outcome would be? Zero. None. Simply because you didn’t know your customers well nor directed your voice to the right marketplace.

You can conduct surveys and research to collect all the needed data to rely on while creating your campaign and your content.

2. Give your brand a personality and Identity.


Whether you’re a personal brand or a personal business you need to give your brand a human character. This is getting crucial day after day because nowadays we are witnessing thousands and thousands of brands joining the race every single day and if you are going to sound like every other brand be sure you will get lost in the crowd and soon you will regret even having the idea of owning a business. And we don’t want this to happen.

Giving your brand a personality isn’t quantum physics. It can be easily done through a solid Brand Voice and Tone guidelines. These guidelines must be carefully established based on concrete data that reflects your marketplace, your niche, and your competitors. Once you know these three main elements you can then build your Brand Voice and Tone guidelines. If you want to know how to create your own Brand Voice and Tone guide, then you’ll need to read this.

This will give you a strong personality and presence in your marketplace and will help you cut through the noise with flying colors. And you know what that means? Means more exposure, more clients, and more business.

3. Create and share high-value content through social media


Since now you know your customers well and you’ve designed your brand Voice and Tone guide, then you have to start creating content that is valuable and helpful to walk your customers through their buying journey until they are one hundred percent ready to give you their money. Remember when we said study your customers and know what they like and where they hang out- virtually speaking. By doing that you will discover even what problems they’re facing and what issues they want to fix. All you need to do is to be there for the rescue mission.

One of the golden tips you can always count on is Storytelling. Telling your solutions through the right story will resonate with your targeted audience and will therefore increase your brand awareness. Also, you can tell your brand’s story, your values, what you believe in, and other similar stories. The more you emotionally sneak into your customers’ minds and hearts the more they will remember and refer you to their friends and family.

Be consistent in sharing your high-value content through any social media platform that you believe contains most of your customers as frequent users.

4. Share free products and trials with your customers and show them that you care.


Of course, you are here to make sales and money and you won’t be giving free products forever, but the fear of trying something new that no one has tried before is not a fear that you want to be little. It is just a strategy that’s best advised for new businesses to help encourage their customers to trust them. This strategy yields the best results if paired with authentic and transparent digital influencers.

Free trial + an authentic influencer introducing your product/service = expose your brand and reduce hesitation of doing business with you.

Giving free trials will help you gain clients’ trust and therefore transform them into salespeople working for you.



To summarize, start with knowing your own brand’s unique traits, do your homework when it comes to knowing your customers and marketplace, create and share valuable content, and build trust and authority. Try these four simple strategies today and you’ll be well on your way to build your brand awareness.

And if you need help to create your own website content to generate more leads, make sure to check our services and see how we can help you achieve your business goals.


How to create brand awareness

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