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What is a Lead Generation?


What kind of business doesn’t need to generate leads? And MORE leads? Simple, NONE. ALL businesses including yours need to generate leads, take them by hand into a buyer’s journey, and convert them into loyal clients eventually.

And since you are reading this article I would assume you still don’t know what a lead generator is. So, I will start by clarifying this point and move to: 

  • Types of lead generators 
  • How effective it is?
  • The one fatal mistake we all do when it comes to collecting leads 

Let’s dive in right to the core, what is a lead generator? Well, dear entrepreneur, a lead generator, is anything that you create with the intention and goal of giving away valuable information or a free trial of a product in exchange for your client’s personal information, such as an email address. It’s your way to reach out to your unknown customers -yet- and getting them to become a known contact to your database. In marketing, this is how we make friends or customers.

Why? Why is it important to create such a database?


Let me ask you something, do you know how many GREAT brands got killed and ended before being well-known? And do you know why? Because most people didn’t know about them. They didn’t expose their brand nor present it in any way. They thought of the product, the service and almost everything else they got to offer and forgot one of the most important things: telling people who they are and what they got to offer the world. Having the greatest product or service isn’t the only crucial element in your success journey; you need to reach out to your audience and urge them to listen, How? By offering something valuable to them and for free.

Okay, now you want to offer them something valuable and free, how should you do that? Oh, Sky’s the limit. You can shape and form your valuable gift and present it to your customers in any way that is suitable and most beneficial to your brand and business. I will give you a few lead generation ideas here:

  • Ebooks
  • Courses 
  • Pdfs 
  • Trials 
  • Guides and manuals 
  • Events 
  • Webinars
  • Presentations 
  • Engaging content throughout your various marketing channels 
  • Etc.

P.S. Don’t spill all the beans in one document. Be short, concise, and valuable at the same time. Remember, always keep them wanting to get more from you.

Experts advise, Keep it about three to five pages of content. Valuable content. This will increase the chances of getting contacted and decrease the chances of fear and hesitations. You are raising awareness of your brand, so raise it right and establish your authority.

Engaging content will help you attract more traffic to your website. Once these customers land on your website, you can trigger their pain points with more carefully designed content in order to urge them to give their email address for something that is valuable to them.

But wait for a second; you need to know if all these efforts will yield any results or not. In other words, does this work? Is it effective? 

Honestly, everything’s done right will get you the best results, including lead generation. And vice versa.

So, know your audience well down to their favorite hobby if needed and then create a lead generator that captures their interest and converts them into buyers.

Find out where your targeted market lives. Virtually speaking, I mean.


I know how they have always told us to not be picky. It will only make our life harder. This rule doesn’t work when it comes to the business world. You have to be picky and selective. Not all leads are good leads.

Allow me to explain more, let’s say your business targets teenagers, and you are about to start creating your lead generator to collect leads, and let’s suppose you decided to write a post. Do you think you will be reaching more teenagers if you post it on Facebook or let’s say if you post it on LinkedIn? If you post it on LinkedIn, the audience there won’t be interested in your product. Not because you don’t have a good one but because it isn’t for them. So, in this case, you will be generating either uninterested and unqualified leads or no leads at all.

So before creating your lead generator, Always carefully study your audience and know what they want, then design your lead generator based on that and use it in the right way.

Let us help you create a copy for your lead generator.

What is Lead Generation

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